Important times for me! A few months ago, I was a student. Today, I stand on the stage to share mobility insights with future graduates. After a session at Imperial College London and Regent’s University, I think it is time for me to reflect on these experiences. Find below my motivations, the benefits I get out of this adventure and the next steps in my academic journey. Contact me to know more and receive a sample of the presentation.

My Motivations

For those who follow me, you are aware that one of my main career drivers is to make a positive impact in the mobility industry to ultimately improve people’s life [you, me, our friends, family, …]. What more inspiring and motivating than raising awareness and educating the next generation of leaders? That is a fantastic impact that I humbly target to achieve.

What I get out of it

While I expected to have a lot of fun to share my passion, discuss the issues I care about and teach my expertise in the mobility industry with young and ambitious people, I quickly understood that there are other benefits related to being a guest lecturer.

First, I increase my network. The guys in front me are perhaps students today and maybe CEO of a start-up I’ll be working with in a few years from now. Never underestimate the power of the network.

Second, I am challenged with questions and thoughts from them. Their fresh vision and already mature and wide experience result in challenging questions that I would have never asked myself. This is a fantastic way to see my work through other angles.

Third, I create a new experience with globally renowned institutions. The academic world is full of bright people not always well connected with the business environment. I aim to leverage this experience to connect some dots and get the best out of these two worlds.

Next steps

I cannot wait to reiterate the experience! If you are interested in knowing more about my session and want to explore how we can collaborate, please feel free to contact me! I can send you a sample of the presentation together with an overview of the lecture.

Thanks to the students for their amazing participation and to the people who support me on this journey!



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