Happy New Year and best wishes from the bottom of my heart!


New year, new decade, new objectives. First, allow me to wish you and your loved ones a prosperous year and I hope you had great family times during the holiday season. As you can see, I had the chance to charge my batteries with solar energy but now it is time to get back to work and make an impact on the industry we love: mobility.

I genuinely believe the Mobility Revolution will go through collaboration and open-mindedness together with my favourite keywords: innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. If you embrace these values, then read carefully what follows, we could make great achievements together. Otherwise, thanks for your visit and have a lovely day.




My objectives for 2020: Research, share, speak and impact

Still here? Great, we already share strong core values for a successful partnership! It has never been as easy as today to share one’s vision, desire and ambition. Allow me here to present you mines for 2020, summarized in 4 actions: research, share, speak and impact. I hope some of my commitments will attract your attention to engage and discuss future collaboration.

Research: Ongoing projects with Neckermann Strategic Advisors

Capitalizing on our worldwide success with our research “Being Driven, a study on human adoption and ownership of autonomous vehicles” we will create for our clients cutting edge knowledge on the following topics:

  • Mapping of the future autonomous mobility value chain: with already 500+ companies identified, analysed and allocated, it will be one of the most complete and exhaustive mappings that have ever existed so far;
  • Urban Mobility Centre Case Studies: We aim to understand the impacts of the political and social agenda shifts due to climate change, air pollution and congestion toward liveability and sustainability measures for city centres around the world;
  • Micromobility for logistics: exploration of the near future solutions supporting the last-mile delivery challenge;
  • Autonomous Vehicle Federation: We are often told by CAV experts the desire to have a federation who would both coordinate the autonomous mobility player relationships and be the strong and unified voice of the industry towards media and people to defend stakeholders interests. We are about to publish a MANIFESTO explaining what we want to do, why is it important and how we suggest building the project. Stay tuned!

Share: inspire young professionals about new mobility trends

The rise of specific MSc around sustainability, climate change and environment motivates me to leverage my academic interests and public speaking experience to propose a mobility program. This small curriculum would be custom to business and system developer students, addressing the following topics:

  • What is the mobility industry and how to understand its different components?
  • What are the professional opportunities in the mobility industry for young graduates and how to identify them?
  • Why mobility is an important piece of the smart city puzzle?
  • How mobility is playing a critical role in the government and company sustainability agenda?

I am putting together materials, so if you are interested in learning more about it, let’s talk.

Speak: be vocal about our findings and what I stand for

Creating innovative knowledge is great but being able to share the main findings with the industry to accelerate the Mobility Revolution is probably one of the most rewarding achievements than I can expect. In 2020, I will be looking for speaking and attending panels to share not only my vision of future mobility trends but also what I learn on the field while working with our clients. If you’re open exploring collaboration, feel free to contact me.

Impact: from recommendation to action

It is nonsense for me to spend a significant amount of time to write recommendations about the Mobility Revolution if I do not apply my own suggestions. I do not want this traditional (conservative?) consulting approach mostly based on producing beautiful ppts and reports with no concrete outcomes from it (I am sure you know what I am talking about…). I have a particular interest in developing sustainable mobility projects in developing areas. If like me you want to undertake actions for the good sake of our industry, let’s connect and move the lines together.

Now your turn: what are your commitments for 2020?

Please feel free to share with me what you want to stand for this year and how excited and ambitious you are to start this new decade!

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